July 13, 2016

Portfolio Rebalance

I dropped $TMF for simplicity, and am only using $TLT for bonds now.

I substantially increased my account size, with the smallest increases in positions going to volatility hedge and gold.  Both were a little oversized.  I had gotten lucky with both as well.  But I think now it was too much and I was taking risk while not adhering to the principles of the permanent portfolio that I had laid out.

In the past twelve months, the account went from about 57k to about 80k, a really great year, especially given how poorly I had done until that point.

The way the portfolio spreadsheet works, it is not great at 'over time' type measurements.  After I plugged in average entry price (that I calculated via my trading app) and shares owned for each position as they stand now, it showed my overall gain as 16%, so that will be a baseline to use to measure overall gain for the next twelve months.

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