June 25, 2016

Big day for the account, and to a lesser extent the permanent portfolio in general

I had been close to doing a rebalance of my volatility shorts, and realized that my $SPY component is actually lower than it should be.  The shorts had become way unbalanced, which is what happens when volatility dies slowly.

Because of these two things, every move higher was sort of neutral for my account.  I was somewhat hedged out of making gains off of a strong market, which is where it looked like we were headed.  But I stuck to my plan, and was going to wait until a new high of the S&P before re-assessing.

Late Thursday night the news came in that contrary to almost everyone's expectations, England voted to leave the EU.  Honestly good for them.  Everyone says it will do this or that, but truth is no one knows.  The market sure thought it was bad news though.

Invested in gold, the dollar, and bonds, all of them shot up.  And my volatility shorts moved enough to rebalance themselves almost perfectly.  Each now 10% lower than cost basis though.  The move between them was a net profit higher than the loss from my $SPY holdings (through $SSO).

I still need to increase my $SSO, but I feel it's a good idea to follow the trend, and wait for a new high, or at least a 50 day high if things go really sour.

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