April 17, 2015

Exiting final 3 stocks in favor of pure permanent portfolio

Despite the S&P holding up well, my last three stock positions have not.  They've been digging their way down very slowly, and finally have broken through to where it's safe to exit them.  They may turn around, but I am at least justified in letting each of them go. 

I will use the proceeds to rebalance existing positions, though they don't need much of it.  On a new all time high in the S&P, I will increase exposure to it with any remaining liquidity.

$LMT and $HD have been in my portfolio for 8 months, a testament to some serious strength.  $COST made it 6 months without a major drop, also an accomplishment.  Out of the three, $HD was the biggest winner with a gain of over 30%.  It also looks the strongest, but it's still the right time to move on.

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