January 30, 2015

Exiting $TJX and $ROST

The market looks like it's serious about correcting a bit this time around, after making us wait and wait and wait for resolution.  It's really not what I expected, as I thought the bulls would power through to new highs this week.  My portfolio is down 0.53% from it's all time high, which is doubled when accounting for my level of margin.

My list of individual stocks will shrink by 2 more with exits of $TJX and $ROST at Monday's open.  Both are similar stocks obviously.  They once came very close to being exited, but then rose a bit more, I think maybe that decision will net me a few % in gains.

It's tempting to replace with some more $SSO, but I feel it's too early for that move.  I'm holding enough where I don't need to jump in for the sake of balance yet. 

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