January 08, 2015

And there goes $CORN

Real short update, but exited $CORN near the close today, following $WEAT yesterday.  Unlike stocks, I exit near the end of the day, as the potential for large gaps after breaking support is much higher.  $WEAT continued lower today, and for a bit $CORN was positive, but it couldn't hold on.

Time will tell if they were just setting up for a new trend higher.  I see it all the time, but risk management means limiting losses.

You'll note my performance didn't match that of the big rally of the market, but that is to be expected.  By coincidence I rebalanced volatility to dump $UVXY for $VXX, as I realized some situations it could be very difficult to manage the 2x version.   This rebalance actually saved me a little money today.

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