October 01, 2014

Five exits, and two longshot entries $SPY and $COW

First, five exits.  $IHF, $GOOGL, $RSG, as well as older positions $QQQ and $MAR

As you might notice, I could have offloaded both Google and RSG for a lower loss, but I held them to be sure, and well now I sure am.  I am beginning to believe that small breaks are gifts not to be returned.

$SPY pulled back right to my theoretical stop.  It's now or never for a long position.  $COW also appears to be bucking off weakness, and so I want to long it as well.  I'm using $100 dollars normalized risk sizing, where I assume that at worst, I could lose an extra 5% due to sudden moves through stops.  For $SPY that's likely a stretch.  However I like this method for sizing, given my investing style of close stops, which may not last much longer with how my entries have performed.

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