September 17, 2014

Exiting $RAI (Reynold's) adding small amount to $SNE (Sony)

$SNE had a big move down today, and my position on it is small, so I expanded it in after hours trading.  I believe there's a good chance it's earlier strength can recover and that it's worth the risk.

$RAI was a tough call, but I decided to exit it.  It had fallen intraday below my stop a couple times, but today was the first time it closed lower.  It has a clear short term downtrend line, and it may follow that down or break with it.  If it does the latter, I may act to buy it back.  Yes it will be higher then.

$RSG is near our stop, and looks like it's setting up to go higher, but I don't know if it will do it before my stop is breached.

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