September 09, 2014

Exiting $HYLD and $PALL

My high yield play, $HYLD has lost, as has $PALL.   I had tried giving $PALL a looser stop, but even then it was still under.  I don't have a stop that would work, but it wouldn't surprise me if it heads back up, as it has done this before.  If $HYLD heads back up from here, I may reopen.

Looking at the action in $AAPL and $AMZN, I'm a bit concerned.  $AAPL has been good to me, and currently I have no position in $AMZN.  If I see a strong reversal off this price,  I may open one.

The market is much more fickle then it ever should be, and to get the better of it, I must try to be less so.  Every day is a new batch of noise to change everyone's perceptions. 

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