August 29, 2014


My name is Adam Wade.  I'm a stock trader with only three years experience, with some limited interest in the markets going back a few years prior to that.  I'm not young, just new, and I have no background in finance or investing.  I'd still like to think that the time I've spent so far as given me a foundation to build on.

My trading method is simple.  I start with a universe of stock ideas based on value, catalysts, sentiment, and price movements.  I use stops and position sizing to accurately measure risk.  I weigh that risk against reasonable expectation of reward, and enter trades that maximize that ratio.

So far I've been a poor trader.  This blog will help me stay focused, obey my stops, and track my performance.  I currently have over 30 positions open.  It's really too many, and that's something I need to work on.  I would say 20 is probably perfect, with optimally about five positions in futures based trades or securities with a low correlation to stock indices.

I don't currently use options.  As fun as they are, there are too many extra ways to lose, and while it seems as though the risk/reward ratio is high, I find that versus using stops in stock positions, it's actually somewhat lower.  I also don't trade futures currently, though it's something for me to look into.

I appreciate any advice, feedback, and criticism of my trades and blogging. 

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